Silver Linings

Silver Linings

On our good days, diabetes is just our way of life, but on our bad days, I struggle not to hate Jasper’s diagnosis or create negativity around it.  On those days, I have to reroute my brain to think about all of the positivity that it has brought into my life.

Early into Jasper’s diagnosis, I got to witness firsthand the compassion and support the type 1 community offers when a selfless T1D mom named Jasmin on Facebook came rushing to my aid when Jasper was projectile vomiting after a big insulin dose for food.  I was terrified he’d go super low and I wanted to check his ketones but I couldn’t get him to keep anything down to be hydrated enough to urinate.  Jasmin brought her blood ketone meter and ended up driving us to the ER.  We are now friends for life and our kids are dia-besties!


I have met up with groups of T1D parents and caregivers and developed life lasting relationships with some of the most amazing people.  Some I have not even met in person, but I would drop anything to answer their call or text to help!  Through a local Facebook group, I found a great preschool recommendation from a local mom whose son goes there.  They have developed a friendship and she even helped watch Jasper when he was out of preschool due to Covid-19 and I had lost my mind trying to manage my work, Jasper and the management of his diabetes.

She also turned me into looping, an automated insulin delivery that connects his insulin pump to his glucose monitor and takes actions that would typically require me to do manually - another blog to come, but if you want to do some research, all of the information you need is here!  His blood sugars are easier to manage and I can actually sleep through some nights!  I used to be lucky to sleep through a night maybe once a month, but now, I get a full night’s sleep at least a few nights a week!

In addition to the connections I have made, type 1 diabetes has taught both Jasper and me a lot of life lessons.  We have learned patience, strength, resilience, flexibility, and routine.  I have always been a healthy eater, but we eat even healthier and Jasper knows more about nutrition than some adults that I know.  One of the hardest things for me (and one of my proudest) was learning to let go of control.  Sh*t will go sideways eventually and there is no avoiding that, but you win when you come out of it with a smile on your face.

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