Here we are, at our "new normal"...

I honestly used to get so irritated when people would say that. How could this ever be normal?

Two and a half years later, my brain is brimming with information, and bits and pieces are spilling out everywhere - it's too much to retain! Sometimes I wonder if this is something that just comes with age, or if type 1 diabetes just pushed my brain passed its limits.  I imagine it's a bit of both.

I wanted to create this place as a forum to house my experiences and the information I come across.  I feel as though we have already run through quite the gamut of experiences these last couple of years and are pretty equipped to handle anything diabetes can throw at us (although hopefully she doesn't take that challenge!  I don't know why I referred to diabetes as a female, but it seems fitting).

While we have learned and grown so much, sometimes I feel as though I know so little still.  I think I get to that point when Jasper has had a few days (or weeks) of bad blood sugars and I'm just feeling like I'm losing.  I hesitated to launch this website for a bit... type 1 diabetes and its management is so expansive.  It's impossible to cover everything, but that's the perfectionist in me.  Then I started to realize that even if I can just help one person or a handful of people, it still makes it worth it! 

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