Road Trips with Type 1 Diabetes

Hitting the road long distance can pose some challenges, such as packing supplies, adjusting basals and cross country borders, but with the right preparation, you should be in for a smooth ride!

Before You Go

Find a Local T1D Family

Reach out to locals where you are traveling to make a connection with another type 1 family in the area.  It never hurts to find nearby support as back up and it certainly doesn't hurt to meet another member of the tribe!  Use our Local T1D Support Map here to find help in your area!

    Pack Your Supplies

    Murphy's law will ensure that this is the time you drop and break a vial of insulin or your meter batteries finally die (or your meter dies altogether).  And don't expect or rely on the ship to have anything you forgot.  Pack back-ups to your back-ups, if you can!  Expect pump sites and CGMs to need to be replaced more frequently due to the water activities.  Vet wrap and patches my help to extend the life of your devices.

    Frio insulin cooling cases are great for keeping insulin room temperature (in up to 100 degree weather).  They stay cool for up to 48 hours and they are activated by water, so they can be great options for traveling with insulin and to throw in your bag by the pool or beach!

    Pack a carb counting book if you need it for reference (especially if you don't end up getting Wi-Fi)!

    Click here for a download T1D Travel Checklist.

    Consider Travel Insurance

    If you're flying to a different country, check your current health insurance plan's travel terms and consider getting travel insurance in the case of any emergencies.

    The Day Of the Cruise

    Visit the Daycare/Kids' Group Area

    Go to the kid's area/daycare as soon as you get on the ship.  This will give you a chance to talk to the staff and discuss your child's needs before it gets busy and chaotic.   

    Prep Your Cabin

    Ensure any back-up insulin is stored in the refrigerator (assuming that's where you want it!) - check the temperature to ensure it is working well and doesn't freeze or under-cool.  Ensure your low/emergency supplies are in a place you will easily find them.  

    Swing by the Internet Cafe

    Visit the internet cafe to redeem any i packages you may have been given (or to try to get wifi if you did not already do this before you left).  Remember, you will need Wi-Fi to use the Dexcom Follow or Share app and if you want to search for carb counts!.  

    ...and enjoy yourself!